Friday, July 12, 2013

Penang Pasar Malam 槟城夜市2013

Gurney Hawker centre. find a interesting read about it, read up here - "Dont Go !"

As Night Markets only happen once a week, it is necessary to know where they are taken place to go there. The following are the location of pasar malam in Penang. If you want to visit any of these, be sure to get there around 6:30 pm, when most night markets begin operation. The busiest time is from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
Hard Rock Hotel stay, we sapu (sweep) of alots of goodies at Batu Ferringgi Pasar Malam(Night market).

Love this green mickey piece-RM40,  Singlet RM10, cool ?

This coppa stacks huh, half price after bargain. Magic wand again...everywhere she goes must buy magic wand...amboi...
Rice cooker / Microwave Oven - RM10 :)
now i can heat up food at 表姨's home !
Henna tattoo RM30
RM10 each, power buy leh ^^

Paul Smith RM15 each, power buy leh ^^, 表姨 buy hair accesories set for Lithium :D @Gurney Plaza Penang

RM20, power buy leh ^^
 Tesco Pasar Malam

 My all time favourite, Char Kuey Kar.

this giant sausage is nice, the outer skin not the usual think layer of flour in Singapore.
 This is super nice, Claypot Dry Bak Kut Teh (Black Sauce Pork).

 power nut-meg drink !

 Alloy loves it...these invisible wording notes - the uncle selling jokingly said must soak & burn then the wording will appear, hahah.
 Zinc's, 3 for RM10 :)
 Building starts at 表姨's home !
 RM10 each, power buy leh ^^
 RM20 for 3 pieces ! power buy leh ^^
 oh then realise didnt see it in my house ??? 
Farlem Pasar Malam really big...we eat non-stop here ;p

i never have enough of Pasar Malam ! ever !

Going to end our journey, Penang oh Penang !

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