Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bukit Jambul Shopping Mall

level 1 of Bukit Jambul Complex, the waffle is really yummy ! zinc & alloy ate 2 each ! it's RM $2 only.

beside BJ mall this gula melaka beancurb, wow yummy ! pls dont forget the indian food, the beef & mutton curry is thick & tender !

the archade and cinema there so-so. we watch Monster house, and scare hell of us :)

bought singlet for NH cost RM18, good quality and the reject shop sold this XXXL singlet too but costly around RM 30.

tried the bubble drink at level 2 and the shushi...so-so.

level 4 & 5 mainly computer shops & bookstores. Good bargain, i bought many, B' ink catridge cost RM25 back here S$32...do your own calculation then u know why i'm smiling away :O

bought zinc a white satin skirt from HK/Korea ? cost RM35, it's in a boutique ok :O

we enjoy very much with the accompany of Pei Chia, she is a lovely girl that we very appreciate :)

and, oh, we miss the Zoo beside BJ :(

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